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In my space, the hard sell is not required. It actually makes me sick when I think about how many people out there are pushing "one size fits all" solutions through manipulation.
To me it's it all about how you feel and what you need.

Can I help you find more unity in your life?

Prior to working with Ian, my life was struggling with a lack of direction & motivation, I was on a roller coaster with lots of highs, lows & no one at the wheel, just felt like I was going around in circles.
Once I joined the Freedom Program I started to get clarity & focus, making the right changes in my life & learning from shared experiences within the group, I quickly started to feel back in Flow and the roller coaster became a steady growth process with clear steps on how to get there.
Now I am being confident & calm about my decisions, & have made relationships with family & friends more positive & rewarding.

I see a big bright future ahead & able to leave the anchors of the past behind.

Joe Baldonado - Sydney

Stuart Mangion - Central Coast

"Ian with his compassion, his guidance and his unbelievable knowledge of his gift has allowed me to begin to heal. Not only heal, but to be the best person I can be. My friends and family have not only seen the changes and growth in me but have also told me that I'm smiling again. I'm happy again. The old Byron is back. I can again love myself and therefore love others. Ian, thank you from the bottom of my soul, I know my dad will be looking down on me now saying, 'it's great to have you back mate'. Thank you Ian."

Byron McDonald - Sydney

Sam Rix - Sydney

Ian has the unique ability to ask the right questions, carefully listen, interact as required and then help you through all manner of things that are happening in your life.


In a world of many claiming to be able to achieve certain things, Ian is a quiet, shining light of clarity, resolve and completion.

Bruce Hultgren - The GOYA Life

Ant Marino - Melbourne

"I’ve been working with Ian for some time now and couldn’t recommend him enough. Ian has his way with people that I've never experienced with anyone else, his cool and calm approach with short and sharp recommendations have allowed me to grow and improve in all facets of life. His ability to get to the core of the issue is exceptional and even if you think you've got it all together, he'll find ways to help you improve."

Josh Saliba - Sydney

Jodie Wakefield - Ballarat

"Working with Ian was the best thing I ever did and the best money I have ever spent! He was my last hope of getting help! I didn’t know how to release my emotions and deal with them, and I felt like I was stuck in the big black dark hole of hell! Ian taught me so much and it opened my eyes to a lot of things that were going on in my life. I connected to my internal guidance through meditation and we were able to clear the anchors that were holding me back from happiness and living a normal life again.

I loved the fact that Ian had the ability to connect with me and know what was going on before I had reached out, and the support of being able to have access when needed. I landed my dream job which was very hard to get into I had the confidence to smash the interview process!

After working with Ian, I have found myself not worrying as much as I used to and I can now say my life is so much happier! In everything I do I always trust my intuition and set my boundaries. I can manage my emotions when they do come up. While working with Ian I was approached by a few friends and my Doctor telling me I look a lot happier! Thanks Ian you are like my guardian angel sent from heaven! You definitely saved me!

Linda Padje - Brisbane

Josh Saliba - Sydney

As a coach myself, I have found it challenging to ask (or accept) help from other coaches. After working with with Ian I realised how much more effective, and healing it is to gain external help and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I quickly learnt Ian's gift to professionally - and intuitively - ask the perfect coaching questions, allowed my healing to begin. I felt, heard, seen, guided and empowered throughout (and after) the coaching! I want to thank Ian for being such an incredible coach. I feel lighter, clearer, more productive - and so much happier. I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with you, and I look forward to receiving more coaching from you in the near future.

Thank you immensely,

Nat Binette - Melbourne

Natalie London - Sydney

Working with Ian was quite an unexpected experience for me and initially very confronting as it involved facing some grief and guilt that I had held following the loss of my dad as a child. I felt an immediate ‘letting go’ feeling at the time, but was a little skeptical that the feeling would be lasting, as from time to time, even in my adult life, certain events would trigger those feelings of guilt in me. This was a pattern in me until one day I consciously noticed that these triggered events had lessened to a point where they were no longer an issue. The best way I can explain my experience is that I feel like there is a part of my ‘childlike’ self that I have reclaimed as a result. I just want to thank Ian for helping me finally find that pathway and I highly recommend Ian to anyone who would like to explore a way through their unresolved grief.

Dene - Melbourne

Untitled design (39).png

Without Ian I wouldn't of been able to see how miserable I was in my former job. By prioritising my life I deduced I would be happier elsewhere and now and happy to say I've put in my 2 weeks notice and start work Monday week.

Thanks Ian look forward to working with you further into the future.

Jakob Comer - Sydney

My mission is to bring harmony to the world, one being at a time. When you find inner harmony you positively change the world. You create deep connections with your loved ones which ripple out into every area of your life and inspires your family, friends, workplace, community, and the entire world for generations to come. 

Through my unique personal coaching, I specialise in helping clients feeling stuck, exhausted, lacking clarity and direction as a result of experiencing personal loss in their life; for example a traumatic incident, a relationship breakdown, losing a job, collapse of a business or the death of a family member or close friend.

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