Dip your toe in by finding support through the....


....without breaking the bank and start to heal your unresolved and often unknown grief. Join the healing and support circle that helps you to find relief from overthinking and to escape your physical pain, so that you can move freely.

What you'll receive:

  • Weekly Meditation and Energy Balance - Live

  • Monthly Group Healing and Support Sessions

  • An opportunity to contribute to the specific focus of the healing sessions

  • BONUS Included  - Unlimited access to Meditation Training Programs including 

    • Worrier to Warrior - Meditation for Beginners

    • Inner World Exploration - Deepening Your Inner Guidance and Intuition

The Benefits:

  • Release the physical pain and tension you are holding onto

  • Increase your calm, focus and patience

  • Improve your ability to stay present, still and "switch off"

  • Receive emotional healing to clear subconscious blocks keeping you stuck

  • Change unwanted behaviour patterns to increase your confidence

  • Learn to regulate your emotions so you can navigate even the toughest days

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"It's like a gym membership for your mental, emotional and spiritual health"

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The healing and support circle where you get to relax and have someone else hold space for you like you usually have to do for everyone else in your life. A place where you can take time out from helping others and instead learn to unconditionally receive.