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The Grief Code Framework

You know that physical pain that you just tolerate?!

The pain that hangs around in the background nagging away at you, and you just deal with.  

You've tried a bunch of stuff but it's still there restricting you.

Not enough to keep you down but just enough to stop you consistently getting the most out your body. It feels like one week everything's fine, then the next week you can't perform at or close to your best.


This is pretty normal, in fact, let me tell you what’s actually going on and why it’s so prevalent in our society.

The reason you’ve tried a bunch of stuff that hasn’t worked is because you’re not thinking about this from an intellectual level.

When you experience pain, it is actually caused by internal scarring in your body. Your body keeps score of every moment of grief from your life, no matter how big or small, and left unprocessed it sits in your physical body, creating a scar.

It’s not just the moment of grief that you easily identify with that causes the pain either, it’s all the related grief linked to that moment that compounds the effects.

And because you’ve continued to suppress it, each piece of unresolved grief piles up.

Making matters worse, all the things you’ve been sold on are not the solution you need. You can apply your cream or take your pill but you’re not addressing what’s actually going on. They are a quick fix, but they don’t address the cause and so the pain returns.

There’s no magic pill in the world that is going to help cure your pain beyond a feeling of temporary relief.

Thankfully, old scars can be repaired,

and that is why I’ve created The Grief Code Framework, so that you can identify what’s going on for you and what to do about it.

The Grief Code Framework

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