"You know that money you owe me?"


"Don't worry about paying it back."

Those words shattered my heart in an instant, and I said nothing for what seemed an eternity. We both knew what it meant; I just had no idea how to respond.

This was my dad’s way of telling me that he was going to die … soon.

Nothing has you questioning your future, more than the pain of loss. Everything changed when my dad passed in 2005. On top of the grief of losing my dad came the tsunami of related pain from my past that came flooding to the surface crashing down on me wave after wave for six years.

I knew I wanted my life to be different, but I had no idea how to change.

I felt stuck, lost

and full of self doubt.

The lack of clarity and direction for my future was sapping my energy and motivation. As a result, I was taking my frustration out on my family, which only fuelled the negative and overwhelming voice in my head.

At the same time, I knew I was capable of so much more. I was so sick of living a life that felt average unfulfilling and lacking meaning.

When the GFC hit, I was shocked to learn that people couldn't retire because their Superannuation (retirement pension) crashed with the markets. At that moment, I knew I had to take control of my financial future. What I didn't know was that this journey would be far more than a quest for financial security. When the student is ready, the teacher appears and I was more than ready.

Everything changed when I hired my first coach in 2012. With his wisdom and strategy I learned to make peace with my past remove the limiting beliefs keeping me stuck and create an exciting direction for my future

I discovered a relentless desire to create security for myself and my family. I felt inspired, energized and suddenly more progress was accelerating. I'd found confidence in my ability to take on even the toughest challenge. My past didn't have to determine my future. I could reach my full potential.

Physically, I'd never felt better. I was calm, focused, positive and felt a strong sense of purpose in my life. Best of all, my relationships with the most important people in my life. My wife and kids was improving every day.

I knew this was possible for others too.

And being a natural coach, I found myself coaching my staff at Fox Sports with fantastic results. They started sending friends and colleagues to me and when they suggested I do this coaching full time I knew they were right.

Fast forward to the present. And I've helped 1000s of people to make peace with their past and unlock their best future. I've coached many amazing personal clients, from stay at home mums, to business owners to CEOs and worked with awesome businesses including the Bulldogs NRL Club, Parents At Work & Dexus.

It takes courage to work on yourself, but all our clients say the same thing, “I wish I’d done this years ago!” We’re inspired by their growth and the contributions they go on make in the world. It’s an honour to share their success and exciting futures and hope we will be part of yours too.

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